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Willow Bank Junior School

Summer week 5 - May 18th

This week we are continuing with time.


These are the activities you need to complete: NO set order this week, but please try to complete them all. 


1. Timing activity - use a stopwatch to time yourself completing some tasks.  Read the activity sheet for more information.


2. Work through the Powerpoint - 'Telling the time in 5 minute intervals', then complete one (or more) of the activity sheets. The powerpoint was too big to upload as a single file, so work through part 1 and then part 2. (Or work through the pdf).


3. PURPLE MASH - 2Dos:

4. Create a visual diary for a typical day for you. Draw clocks, showing the correct times, for each activity - or use the PURPLE MASH - 2Do - 'TIME' activity.   

5. Practice your times tables - Take part in the weekly battle -  ASH v OAK, and don't forget Wednesday's battles - ASH v Lime, OAK v ROWAN.

I have also set PURPLE MASH multiplication 2Dos - according to which tables you are currently learning.