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Willow Bank Junior School

Summer week 4 - May 11th

This week we are starting a new topic:




We are not using the White Rose videos and activities this week. 

Please complete the following:



2. Check on PURPLE MASH for some 2Dos.

3.  Wednesday is TIMES TABLES ROCKSTARS Battle day 

ASH v MAPLE        and         OAK v PINE

 Don't forget the weekly battle between Ash & Oak too! (SOoooo close last week!)

4. MYMATHS tasks.   

5. Make a sundial

A sundial is a device for telling the time, using the Sun and shadows. As the Earth rotates the sun casts shadows in different positions. 

Look at these different suggested ways to make a sundial - or think of your own.

It would be lovely to see some of your designs on the BLOG.

Sundial suggestions:

Additional, optional activities

Picture 1