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Willow Bank Junior School

Teaching and Learning

Of course, all of this must be based on high quality teaching and learning, and we have skilled and very experienced teachers in school, ably supported by a team of excellent teaching assistants and support staff.  We offer a broad and deep curriculum which helps the children develop their academic knowledge and skills as well as their ability to make connections between different aspects of their learning.  We encourage the children to view the acquisition of knowledge and skills to be of inherent benefit, alongside its value in the real world.  We love it when children are excited by the vast range of things they don’t yet know or can’t do, rather than being daunted by it.  In simple terms, we don’t want them to think, “I don’t get it,” but instead think, “I don’t get it… great!”


We also understand that the way in which schools have traditionally operated suits some children much more than others, so we see it as our responsibility as much as we can to create a school environment for the children who come here, rather than simply make the children fit into a prearranged model.  We are proud of the way we support all children in the school.