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Mental Maths - Ninjas Week 33 Session 2

Open up the ninjas questions and the powerpoint and work through with the timer. Mark your questions and record your score. 


I would then like you to log onto mymaths and search in the box at the top for the game called 'Tower of Hanoi'.  Alternatively I've put the link below.  



Open up today's powerpoint.  Today I have given you lots of examples of the types of clues you could use in your murder mystery.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO TRY THEM!!!  They are there for information for you.  If you want you can copy them to use in your mystery but don't forget to use your information, or they might just give you an idea e.g. I might have done an ordering clue with money and you might want to write a clue where the person has to order different capacities.  I'll put this powerpoint on each day so that you can open it up again to refer back to as you write each clue. 



Your activity today is to write clue 1.  Each day I will show you my clue as an example.  Don't forget each time you write a clue to make sure it links with the suspects you decided to cross off at each stage. Also you need to create an answer page to have the answers for each clue.