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Willow Bank Junior School

Thursday 7th May

Hello Year 3,


Another week has gone by when we have been so impressed with the work you are completing at home. smiley Your Iron Man newspaper reports were so good and we have enjoyed reading them. Some of you are really skilled with your drawing on Purple Mash and then adding your pictures to your work.




There are a few missing - please let us know if you have saved them somewhere else.

We are now looking at your WW2 postcards.

It is great that so many of you are now getting involved with the BLOG posting.

Don't forget that we are expecting to see evidence of at least two pieces of work from you, each week.


We hope that you have a rest from school work on Friday - are you doing anything special to mark the VE anniversary? Did you use the bunting template we gave you?



Next week we are having a focus on poetry - lots of rhyming and playing with words. Do you have a favourite poem? Maybe you could learn one and share it with us on the BLOG?


Don't forget to check in the 'Other subjects' folder on the website - there was some Religion work last week and there will be some science and geography next week. 




The Times Tables Rockstars was SOoooo close this week. The competition between Ash and Oak was neck and neck, right up until the final few minutes. Ash just won by only 5 points. Both Year 3 classes won their Wednesday battles:

ASH 9288 OAK 9283
ASH 3161 CEDAR 1510
OAK 2596 ALDER 1924
This week's TOP scorers 
1st  Charlie 1st  Summer
2nd  Cora 2nd Joshan
3rd Ella P 3rd Audrey
4th Milo 4th  Lucy J
5th  Noah A 5th  Ibraheem
Week's TOP scorer: Summer 4388

 It is brilliant to see how hard you are all working at your tables. Please remember to keep us updated with your successes on the BLOG.


Your parents and carers will have received a PARENTMAIL to explain that we are supporting a student from Reading University with their second year placement. We don't usually do this but as you were all so kind to Miss Goodwin, we have been asked to help out again. Miss Travers will be introducing herself on the BLOG and she will be helping us to plan some of your weekly tasks.


Finally - we'd just like to wish a to  Harley.


Take care - we are missing you lots - keep working hard!


Love Mrs Burns and Mrs Mc