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Time Capsule Task List - week one and two

Good morning Y4s - welcome to the second week of the time capsule creation! You should by now have the start of a time capsule with all the memories and reminders you can think of to mark this moment in history: Lockdown School. Your time capsule is going to be entirely up to you in terms of your design and its contents, but we will provide you with some ideas to get you going.


The documents above have 12 tasks in total on them. Aside from task one (which is to design the capsule itself!) they are all optional - we suggest you pick a minimum of four (two from each list) but you can do all of them if you want to! You will also have some literacy tasks (under the literacy icon on the home page) to complete too and add to your capsule.


However, if you have lots of other ideas to add to your capsule then please add what you want - come and tell us on the blog what else you are adding and inspire the others to do likewise. You could put in a favourite item of clothing (as long as you don't want it anymore!), a calendar, pieces of work you've done (your home school book maybe?), whatever you want. Just make sure you make your capsule big enough to contain whatever you want to include!


Where you put your capsule once you've finished is up to you - some people bury it in the garden, but that runs the risk of it getting damaged in the damp! You could just put it somewhere in your house where you will forget about it - this could be under your bed, pushed to the back of a cupboard, in the attic, anywhere you think you won't be tempted to touch it until you're ready to open it!


As for the date to open it again, this is up to you. Try and think of a date that is special to you - so it could be your 18th birthday, or it could be a date 10 years from now (maybe 31.07.30)? Whichever date you choose, you need to mark it clearly on your time capsule so you remember it when the time comes!


We hope you enjoy creating your unique time capsule - come and tell us all about it on the blog. smiley