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Willow Bank Junior School


Today we're going to talk about sound! Please can you bring something with you to today's Zoom that makes a sound - it doesn't have to be musical, it could be any sound at all. Don't show anyone your object - when it's your turn, we'll get you to turn off your camera and we will all have to guess what sound you're making!


I will also talk you through some of the science behind sound and we'll talk about how sound is made and how our ears hear.


Watch the BBC video below to learn more.

And this clip tells you about high and low sounds.



Click on the link below to find a sound survey. I know it says school but you'll have to do it at home this week laugh.


See what you can hear around the house and in your garden, if you have one. Make a note of the noises and see if you can work out what is vibrating to make that sound - so vocal chords vibrate to make voices, floorboards vibrate to make squeaks when we walk, and so on.


Come and share the sounds you heard with us!