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Willow Bank Junior School


Good morning!

So you should hopefully have a lovely colourful picture or postcard by now to cheer up someone currently dealing with self isolation. Today you need to think about what you can write to them. You mustn't include anything that would identify you - so no details about siblings, pets, etc or where you live (you can mention that you have a sibling/pet, but no names).


You could include:

Some jokes (clean ones only please!)

Little pictures

Comments such as, "we hope you are finding things to keep you busy" or "what hobbies do you have?" etc

Some things you've been doing, "I've been working on my school work and doing lots of baking!"


Please sign your postcard "Y4 pupil from Willow Bank Junior School" (we can't pass any on that have your name on it).


Again, if you would like to share some ideas on the Blog on Purple Mash then please do.


Thank you.