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Look at the Introduction below, as usual if you don't have PowerPoint look at the PDF version which is exactly the same!

Thinking time...

Think of a time someone was kind to you. What happened? What did they do? What do you think? How did you feel?

Kindness can take many different forms, it could be an action, sharing words, something for yourself or for other.


1) Draw an outline of your hand on a piece of paper. On each finger write or draw an idea of how to be kind to other people. 



2) Look at the acts of kindness in the picture above, there are so many different ways to be kind. Over this week we would like you to go to the Year 4 Kindness Blog  and list your 5 acts of kindness you have made and try to describe how you felt afterwards. 


This Kindness Blog is for listing your acts of kindness and will inspire the rest of year 4 so think carefully about what you write. Perhaps you can list what you do in your Home Workbook as the week goes on and report to us at the end of the week.