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Today you're going to write your own diary entry - remember this is for your Time Capsule, so it is up to you what day you write about and how you present it. If you don't intend to include your home school book in your Time Capsule then you need to write your diary on a separate piece of paper.


You can illustrate it in any way you wish.


Your diary entry needs to be about a day in lockdown - it can be a day near the beginning of lockdown, or one more recently where you have been able to do a little more and see more people. Don't forget your diary entry needs to be in the first person and written in the past tense. It's always best to start by planning your work, so start by thinking of which day you wish to write about and then write about all the events that happened on that day that you wish to include. If you have a photo of anything that happened on that day you could include that too.


Once you've finished your diary entry you could share it on the blog, and then put it in your Time Capsule, or somewhere safe if your capsule is not quite ready yet!