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Yesterday you practised your letter writing skills - today you're going to write a letter to your future self! You can look back at the work you've done last week - your diary and your highs and lows - before you think about what to write. Why not plan your letter by thinking about as many things as you can that you want to record in your letter - things you've enjoyed about lockdown, things you've not enjoyed, things you've found hard, things you want to change, things you miss and want to return.


Here are some examples:

spending more time with family

writing letters to your friends

learning new skills

using zoom/skype



missing school

classes/sports you do outside school

not getting a hair cut!


What else can you think of?


Plan your letter and think about what you would want to read about in ten years time - talk to the adults at home too, see what they think.


Once you've written your letter you are welcome to share it with us - but the most important thing to do is put it in your time capsule and don't forget to put a date on the lid of your capsule for when you'll open the box!


Happy writing! smiley