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Meet Mc Grammar


Click on the link below to listen to his song. 


Listen and watch carefully - there are 35 children's book titles hidden in the lyrics.      How many can you list?   How many have you read ?



Choose at least 2 of the following activities to keep you BUSY on World Book Day!


 1. Read through the lyrics and find the hidden songs. Make a table to show the title, the author, the illustrator and whether you have read it or not - maybe give it a ***** rating.

Book title Author Illustrator I have read it



Elmer the elephant David Mckee David McKee Yes *****





3.What did you think of the song? Listen to or read through the lyrics and complete the sheet:

2. Go on a book scavenger hunt - You will need to find some books at home to complete this activity.

3. Choose a favourite book and write a review, using the sheet provided, or create your own. Make these bright and colourful and bring to school next week.



4. Design a new book cover for a favourite book - don't forget the important information like author and illustrator.