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Willow Bank Junior School


Today our zoom sessions will be at different times as we will be celebrating World Book Day. I know it is a day early but it made sense to do it today as we have our author today. 


We will be having our first zoom session at 10.30am as normal and then one at 11.30am. 


Our 10.30am session we will be having a chat about our author session today. Then at 11.30am you will be having a zoom with the author Emma Carroll. 


We will not have a zoom at 1pm today, which means there will be no Maths. 


When you are not on zooms today there are activities for you for the morning and then there are activities for the afternoon. Most things are Book day related but there is a Science lesson we would like you to do as well this afternoon. All of the activities are lots of fun. 


We will still have our story time at 3pm today though and you will be able to share with us some things you have been doing today. smiley