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Wednesday TIME

READ - the next part of the story:

(The Coming of the Iron Man …)

He swayed in the strong wind that pressed against his back. He swayed forward, on the brink of the high cliff.

And his right foot, his enormous iron right foot, lifted –up, out, into space, and the Iron Man stepped forward, off the cliff, into nothingness.


Down the cliff the Iron Man came toppling, head over heels.




From rock to rock, snag to snag, tumbling slowly. And as he crashed and crashed and crashed…


In the next part of the story  the Iron Man falls apart. It has been written without any time conjunctions.

A conjunction of time is a word or group of words that tell the reader WHEN something happens. It helps to place events in order. 


Your task today is to rewrite the next part of the story, and include some conjunctions of time. Don’t forget!  The time conjunction can be used at the beginning or in the    middle of the sentence.

E.g   (Original sentence)     His iron legs fell off.

             Then, his iron legs fell off.     or       His iron legs then fell off.   



 Look at these conjunctions of time:


Use some of these words to rewrite the next part of the story:


His iron arms broke off, and the hands broke off the arms.

His great iron ears fell off and his eyes fell out.

His great iron head fell off.

All the separate pieces tumbled, scattered, crashing, bumping, clanging, down on to the rocky beach far   below.

A few rocks tumbled with him.



pdf for today's task


Additional tasks to practise use of conjunctions of time.