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Willow Bank Junior School

Week beginning 1st February

Dear Year 3

You have worked really hard this week and we are enjoying seeing all of the lovely work you have been sending in. We are looking forward to seeing your newspaper reports.

Next week is  and this will be the focus of many of our lessons. We will be setting some fun challenges and tasks to get you thinking about taking good care of yourself.

We will be continuing to cover  in maths.

Look out for to replace French, for a few weeks.

We are very aware that you have to spend a lot more time on screens now, for your learning, so a ‘Screen Free’ afternoon is currently being planned for Friday 12th February. Please be ready to ‘switch off’ that day.


You will be receiving details about  online library. Once you have logged on you will be able to access a wide variety of books to read at home.

We are missing hearing you read and checking your reading records so from next week your grown ups will have a weekly ParentMail form, to complete, to let us know how hard you are working at your reading. Please try to read aloud to someone at least twice a week.


Once again, ASH have won the weekly  battle, but well done to the children in OAK that are trying so hard to catch them up—we need a few more OAK to get involved  - we will announce the result of the other competition on the web site next week.


Rock Star Results 

ASH 248 OAK 157
1st Charlotte W 1st Fin
2nd Tara 2nd Benjamin
3rd Meila 3rd Charlotte H
4th Harry 4th Brooke
5th Joshua 5th Leila
Weekly Top Scorers: Charlotte W 3442
Fin 2945


This week we are wishing Hudson a very 

As always, it has been lovely to see you all— take care—see you soon!


Love Mrs Burns and Mrs Mc