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Willow Bank Junior School

Week beginning 25th January

Week ending 22nd January

Dear Year 3,

How are you all?  It has been so lovely to see your faces this week on our  calls, we know it’s not the same as being at school but at least we can still see each other this way! We have been so impressed with the number of you joining the lessons and it is so great to see you scribbling away, working so hard.


We have been particularly impressed with your work on our new maths topic of time, you will be continuing next week in your new groups.  Your literacy work on the Iron Man has been brilliant and we have loved looking at your Power Points – you certainly like some interesting things!  In literacy next week, you will finish the Iron Man and will plan and write a newspaper report.  In science, you will be investigating soil, so please could you have a clear container with a lid (like a jam jar, plastic pot, drinks bottle etc.) ready for the lesson next Thursday afternoon.


Just a little moan… a few of you don’t seem to be reading your books on Serial Mash or handing in much work on

 (or via the year 3 website), so please keep an eye on the checklist on the school website.  We are keeping track of who is doing what - you don’t want to end up with a mountain of things to do!  Well done and thank-you if that is not you.

 Rock Stars Result
ASH 349 OAK 233
1st Charlotte 1st Fin
2nd Meila 2nd Megan
3rd Moses   3rd Bella
4th  Tara 4th Hudson
5th Joshua 5th Brooke 
Weekly Top Scorers:

Charlotte W




School Battles 
ASH   368 ALDER   159 OAK    167 PINE    369


                                                        Finally, we would like to wish Zainab a  

                                                                    for next week.


Have a fun (and safe!) weekend and we will see you at 9am on Monday.

Love Mrs Burns and Mrs Mc

This week: