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Willow Bank Junior School

Week beginning 8th February


Dear Year               ,

What a lovely week we have had. We already knew you were a kind and friendly bunch, and you have proved it again with the lovely thoughtful pieces of work we have been seeing this week.


There is only one week before the Half Term holiday. We will be having a week off too, so there will not be any         lessons or work set. However, we will provide some suggested activities you might want to do - to help you keep busy, if you have family at home that still need to work. Your Half Termly homework was due in next week but as you have been so busy, this is now optional work.

Next week there will be a focus on using the internet safely as it is ‘Internet Safety Day’ on Tuesday. This is such an important thing – especially as we are using it so much more at the moment. In relation to this, we would ask you not to bring any extra devices to our      sessions. E.g. – if you are using a tablet, then please do not bring a phone as well. It could be a distraction and interrupt your learning with us. Don’t forget to switch off the tv and music before you join our lessons.

We have finished ‘TIME’ in maths now and we will be looking at ‘SHAPE’ next week. Mrs Burns will be teaching the lessons on       for everybody. We would like to trial an App called ‘SPIRAL’, which other years have used very successfully. There will be some information about this, on the website. If possible, please could you have a look before Tuesday’s lesson.

The            Battle could not have been any closer! WELL DONE OAK for some brilliant battling – you were winning all week and were pipped to the post in the last few minutes. As there were more OAK players in the top 10, we are calling this week a draw. There were just 13 points between you. A BIG well done to both classes for beating Year 5 and Year 6 so convincingly.

ASH 313 OAK 300
ASH 354 CEDAR 42
0AK 322 MAPLE 69
1st Charlotte W 1st Fin
2nd Meila 2nd Megan S
3rd Tara 3rd Benjamin
4th Ali-Raza 4th Brooke
5th Jake 5th Hudson


Don’t forget next Friday is ‘SCREEN FREE’ afternoon. There is a whole school activity on the website for you to complete – have a look – have a go – can you get some of your family to help you?


Next week we are wishing Harry a         for the 12th.


Thank you again for being so amazing and for working so hard. We are very proud of you and just wish we could tell you face to face.

Have a restful and fun weekend – try to be helpful and caring – enjoy the snow on Sunday (hopefully).

See you on Monday


        Love Mrs Burns and Mrs Mc