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Willow Bank Junior School



The hall board is looking a bit bare. It is ready for some of your amazing work to brighten it up. As you can see, a brick wall has appeared on it - awaiting some graffiti!


We are asking you to help us create a Willow Banksy wall!


Read on to find out about Banksy and what we would like you to do.


Read through this Power Point to find out more about Banksy.





Your turn!

We would like to create our own version of Banksy's 'Bubbles' art. We would like you to create a bubble filled with your hopes for the future. Try to be original and maybe not just focus on what is happening in the world at the moment. It could be something you would like for yourself, your family, someone else or everyone and everything. A career? A special gift? A wish? Fill your bubble with neat writing or computer font, to explain your hope. Use justification, explanation and description to make it really interesting to read. Illustrate or decorate it in whatever way you like. There is a template for a bubble or you can draw your own. Please don't make them too small.

You can bring your bubbles to the large folder, outside the front entrance, or save them to bring back to school - when we are all back together again.