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Willow Bank Junior School

World Book Day Afternoon Activities

This afternoon we are going to have some creative activities that link to World Book Day. 


Try to think of a favourite book that you like. 


You can do one or more than one of these. You will have some time in the morning as well so you may want to do some of it then.


Activity 1- Create a potato character/object

Decorate a potato from a book using paint. Be as inventive as you like. The potato does not have to be a character, it could be an object as well if you like.


Activity 2- Create a setting in a box from a story. You could use a cereal box, shoe box or any other box you have in the house (even Amazon ones!). 


Activity 3- Anything egg box

Use an old egg box to create artwork based on a book. This can be a character but you can challenge yourself. 


I have included pictures so you can see examples. You can also search the internet to find many more examples of you are struggling for ideas. 


Please do at least 1 as we would like you to bring them with you to storytime today to show us. smiley