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Y4 Literacy

Today we're going to be looking at growth mindset. If you haven't heard of this phrase then we will be looking at the powerpoint below and then I would you to complete the following task:


Think about a new skill you could learn during lockdown - it might be drawing, playing an instrument, learning a language, practising a skill on your trampoline or with a football, skipping, running at a particular speed. 


Once you have decided on your skill, give yourself a month to work on it (so make it challenging enough that you need some time to improve). We will check up on your skill on 2nd March!


Come and share your skill you're planning to improve on purple mash and share your target for the 2nd March. Here are some examples:


By 2nd March I will be able to do 50 keepie uppies.

By 2nd March I will be able to draw 5 different animals by using you tube videos to improve my drawing. 

By 2nd March I will be able to speak 10 different sentences in French.


What else can you think of that you could do to challenge yourself? Let's use this time wisely! laugh

You could also look at this BBC video to help you think about growth mindset and how you can use it to master new challenges.