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Y4 Literacy

We are going to be talking about Captain Tom Moore today. Have a look at the questions below and the link to the Army website that talks about his life and think about Captain Tom's life and what we can learn from his example. Come to the lesson with some thoughts if you can, or have a look after the lesson if you don't have time. 

Challenge - Picture News have set you a challenge to commemorate the loss of Captain Sir Tom Moore. Captain Tom set himself a challenge to mark his 100th birthday - can you set yourself a challenge of doing something 100 times to raise awareness of something you care about? This could be through an exercise like Captain Tom, drawing, completing an activity for 100 minutes. Can you take photos, write about your challenge and send it to


Also come and let us know about it, of course! We'd love you to tell us all about it on Purple Mash or during our reading sessions at 3pm.

I have also set some work here on speech punctuation for you to complete afterwards.


You don't not need to upload this work - this is just for you to practise your writing and speech. The first one is a little easier than the second, so choose which one you want to do. You will be doing some more speech work later on in the week too.