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Willow Bank Junior School

Y4 Literacy

Today we're going to look at apostrophes - both for contractions (e.g. do not contracted to don't, should not contracted to shouldn't) and also possessive apostrophes (e.g. the child's bottle, the boys' bikes).


Apostrophes are hard to get your head around so don't worry if you find them difficult! If you find it too hard then there are some sentence activities at the bottom of the page that you can do instead. But please make sure you all still log on for the literacy lesson today!


We will revisit apostrophes again this year and again in Y5 and Y6 so don't worry if you don't understand it all first time around!

The powerpoint below will be the one we look through in today's lesson. Do feel free to look at before you come on line.
The worksheets below are for you to complete - please write the answers in your books and upload onto Purple Mash for us to have a look at.
If apostrophes are confusing you then please don't worry! Below is a link for some revision on capital letters and full stops that you can do instead. You have a video to watch and then some activities to complete. Please share your work on PM!