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Y4 Literacy

Today we're going to be doing a little bit more work on apostrophes - I know, I can tell you're all very excited! laugh


As I said last week, apostrophes are tricky but they're important to get right so we do need to have lots of practise at them. 


We have another PP to go through during the lesson and then some work for you to complete at home. You don't need to do all of it - we always try and set lots of work so you can choose how much you have time for. If you find it easy, go onto the more challenging sheets. If you're finding it a bit harder then start with the easier ones. And don't forget to come and ask us on Purple Mash if you have any problems - I bet if you're finding something hard then others in your class will be finding it hard too!

PP from today's lesson.
Here are the sheets for you to complete.
There are a lot of worksheets - you don't have to do them all! Have a look at them and decide how confident you are with apostrophes. If you are feeling confident do the more challenging sheets, if less confident do the first sheet on each link. You can either just write the word as an answer in your book or if you want some practise at writing and using capital letters and full stops too, then write out the whole sentence.

If the apostrophe work is too much then here is a link to another Bitesize piece on sentences - you remember we started looking at these last week?


Watch the video and have a go at writing some sentences - why not write a description of what you can see from where you are sitting right now? Write about the view out of your window and the room you are sat in. Focus really hard on making sure every sentence has a capital letter at the start and a full stop at the end.


Then come and share your work!