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Y4 Literacy

Today's lesson is on consensus. What does consensus mean? Consensus means: a general agreement. This is going to be quite a difficult one to do over zoom, but let's give it a go and have some fun!


The powerpoint below gives you some ideas of different topics we could discuss as a group. Have a think about what your answers would be and why? Try and do this before the lesson if you can - if there is anyone at home who has time to have these conversations, why don't you practise your arguments on them? Think about your reasons - so for example, if I ask you what the 3 sports are that should be taught at primary school, don't just come up with your answers think of reasons too. "I think primary schools should teach football, hockey and netball because they teach children to work as a team. Or, I think primary schools should teach netball, running and cricket because not all children want to play team games and it gives children more choice". 


Have a think about each slide and then come to the lesson with your thoughts written down so you have something to refer to during the lesson. There is no need to upload any work for this session as we will share ideas during the lesson.