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Willow Bank Junior School

Year 6 Production

Please could everyone at home email the school with either a photo or short video (less than 5 seconds) representing you and your dreams for the future. Examples of what we've had so far include people photo-shopped into a picture of their dream job or next to their dream home, a photo of someone baking because that's what they want to do in the future, short videos of people acting out their dream future job. Please contact us via the blog if you have any questions.
If you are learning from home and would like to be part of the Year 6 Production, please learn the dances on the videos in Year 6 Production and send us in a video of you performing the dance.

Songs - We would also love it if you could record yourself singing some of the songs so we can add you to the audio. If you do not want to record yourself singing, you could still film yourself mouthing along to On My Way adn we'll add that in.