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Willow Bank Junior School

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The children here achieve well; our creative curriculum encourages a depth and breadth of learning (and love of learning), which is fundamental to the children’s academic well-being and capacity to grow as life-long learners.


We try very hard to make assemblies relevant and enjoyable for the children, whilst delivering a strong moral message. We are rewarded by excellent behaviour and focus in assemblies. The children also put on superb assemblies in the same vein.


The children’s attendance is excellent (as is punctuality), with annual attendance figures usually well above the 97% mark. This is because the children enjoy coming to school, and because education is so highly valued by our families.


The behaviour of the children is extremely good here. Of course, children sometimes get things wrong, but we work closely with them to help them learn from their mistakes, and to develop an understanding of how and why to behave well.


The children here are brilliant. They are enthusiastic learners, keen to take part in all that school has to offer. They recognise that the more you are willing to put into school life, the more you will get out of it. They are always a pleasure to work with.


We are fortunate to have a strong community around us, with engaged and involved parents, and friendly neighbours, not least our partner infant school and pre-school that share our site. We are proud to live fully in the heart of the community.


Our children put on fabulous concerts. They are skilled actors, dancers, musicians, singers and stage-hands, who can compel an audience. From Harvest assembly to Christmas plays to the summer music concert, they delight and entertain us.




We work hard to develop children’s confidence, so that they are best able to tackle those areas of learning which they find most challenging. Confidence in who you are, and how you fit in, is hugely important in being able to challenge yourself.


This is really important to us. We aim for adults and children alike to display a courteous attitude. We recognise that, if the children are able to behave courteously in the school setting, they will be able to utilise this skill in the wider world context.




We are fortunate enough to have teachers who are skilled in teaching dance, and children who have a passion for dance. Our ambition is that all children will feel confident about expressing themselves through the medium of dance.


We have lovely facilities, of which we make full use. We also constantly aspire to improve and develop the environment, including the redevelopment of our wildlife area, and by taking care of lost property. Our Site Controller is brilliant, too!


There is a rich menu of extra-curricular activities available, from football to judo to choir to art to chess. Some provided by members of staff, and others by specialist external providers. There are over 20 clubs running on a weekly basis.


Our children are amazingly friendly, as are the adults. We know that learning happens best in an atmosphere of friendliness and calm, and the sound of laughter and of friendly conversation is the backdrop to everything that happens here.




The Governing Body has to ensure that the school is run in a way that best promotes and supports children’s learning. Our Governors do this in a friendly, supportive and committed fashion, and they demonstrate high ambitions for the school.


Humour is one of the keys that best unlocks learning, and the more enjoyable children find the school day, the better they will learn. We strive to teach the children how to laugh and have fun in a way which is not at the expense of anybody else.


Quite simply, children’s learning is why we are here. We take pride in being able to extend this learning across all aspects of children’s lives, most notably in developing their love of learning and their ability to self-motivate in their learning.