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Willow Bank Junior School

Clubs (extra-curricular activities)

Each term the school offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities which may run before school, at lunchtime or after school.  All lunchtime activities are run by school staff who offer their time voluntarily and therefore no cost is incurred.  Many of the before and after school clubs are managed by outside agencies for which a cost is charged.  However, where possible, we negotiate a discount for our pupils which is passed directly to families; the school does not make a profit from these activities.

Spring TERM 2024 

We are pleased to be able to share our  Extra-Curricular Activities Timetable for the Spring term 24. - Booking form opens at 12.00 pm on Friday 15th December 2023.


Internally run school clubs before and after school

As Year 4 Sewing club has limited spaces, please sign up your child's interest on the form link below, and the children will be selected randomly if the becomes oversubscribed.


Please also use this form for All Years Running club, Year 4 & 5 Drama club and Year 5 and 6 Football club .


All internal clubs are free of charge as they are run by school staff.


Thank you