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Willow Bank Junior School

Times Table Support

Knowing the times tables (and their associated division facts) supports mathematical learning and understanding and, those children who have a strong grasp of them, tend to be more self-assured when learning new concepts.


Every week, children are tested on the times-table that they are currently learning. They need to get 100% three times in the given time before they move up to the next step. Most tests are usually expected to be completed in a minute (see attached sheet for those with different times) and always involve a mix of both multiplication and division questions. Please see the attached sheet for examples for each stage.


Once children have passed all their times-tables, the challenge progresses to other key skills related to multiplying and dividing (e.g. multiplying with decimals). Even if children are on the later stages, it is important that they still continue to practice at home as these are important skills that can help them with other aspects of maths.


At the end of every term, certificates are given out for each stage passed that term.

Examples of Times Table Test Questions