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Wales Trip

The trips to Pendine are scheduled for the following dates:


Year 6

Sunday 3rd April to Friday 8th April 2022


Year 5

Sunday 8th May to Friday 13th May 2022



Wales presentation 2 - Wednesday 22nd March 2022

Final details and information were shared at this meeting. Please find a copy of the letter, giving further details and key times and dates below:

If you have any concerns, questions or new information to share, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Here are the slides from the Wales presentation 1


Some of the daily photographs from our 2019 trip, to give you an idea of all the fun activities that await Years 5 and 6!

Why not have a look at the Wales 2019 video - you can find it in:

CHILDREN - OUR VIDEOS - Year 5 Wales trip 2019

or follow the link below.