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Wales September 2024 will be taking place on Sunday 22nd September until Friday 27th September 

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Wales September 2023


Friday - We are on our way!

All packed, been to the shop, collected prizes, packed our lunches and climbed  Taf Valley coaches with Stefan and Marty.

See you soon!

Thursday 21st September


Excited to head out today with Simon and Steve. Pembroke is a stunning castle and I think most children would love to return and explore it further. We split into 2 groups and very knowledgeable tour guides Alan and Howard taught us lots about its history - there were some great stories. After a trip down to Wogan’s Cavern it was time for lunch. There was just time for lots of brave souls to climb 100+ steps to the top of the Keep. Some went with Simon to explore the battlements and to visit the room where Arthur Tudor was born. Some just chilled and played on a giant map displaying all of the castles in Wales - so many! 
After a short drive, along some very narrow lanes, we arrived at National Trust’s Bosherton Lily ponds. A lovely stroll across the ponds and through woodland brought us to Broadhaven Beach where there was time for a paddle and cake - of course! We were really lucky to spot a baby octopus (larvae) sheltering in a rockpool. Apparently quite a rare find.


After dinner it was time for giant ice creams and a final play on the beach. The fun job of tidying and packing then began - it was great to see the children working together. 

We have taken a lot of photos this week - more to share when we return.

Wednesday 20th September


A day of showers but spirits remained high and undampened by the weather. Our last really busy and active day with the fantastic instructors - ask the children who their favourites were.


Groups 1 and 2 headed off into a very big sea. Overnight storms and an off shore wind ensured the waves were rather big and very very exciting. The children had just the best time, probably never having experienced conditions like this before. Squeals of excitement were evidence of the thrilling time to be had. The afternoon activities of archery and the Low Ropes challenge gave them the opportunity to display their excellent mathematical and teamwork skills.


Group 3 went for a paddle on the lake in the morning whilst 4 and 5 tackled the Extreme Stream - now even more extreme from the rain we were having. Everyone survived - the only challenge being to get all 58 children through the showers before lunch.


The afternoon saw 3 and 4 climbing and zipping across site on the zip wire. We continue to be impressed with how many children are overcoming their fears and having a go at everything, and succeeding.


Group 5 had a day of double dampness as they headed off for a paddle on the lake. The alpacas in the canoe field have got use to us now and we’re happy to pose for a few photos. 

The evening’s disco was a great hit and there was some great moves being thrown on the dance floor, and not just by Mr Greene! 

We are looking forward to a day out tomorrow at Pembroke castle and a paddle in the sea at Bosherton.


Tuesday 19th September


Another action packed day today with activities including Extreme stream, climbing, zip wire, archery, Low Ropes team challenge and sea being enjoyed. We are continually impressed with how all the children are tackling every new challenge. They are displaying so many of our school values brilliantly and they are a real pleasure to be with. 
All of them are eating loads! Today’s menu included pizza for lunch and sausage and mash (with Yorkshire puddings) for dinner. They have enjoyed taking pudding outside. This evening was spent mostly burning marshmallows in the roundhouse at the campfire and also a very hard Disney quiz led by Mr Greene. The children were a lot more successful than the team comprising Mrs Mc, Mrs Wright and Miss Ball. 
Tomorrow will be the last day of instructor led activities as we are out for the day on Thursday. We are hoping to get some action shots from tomorrow night’s disco!

A few snapshots from today ... some are much better at hogging the camera than others - we are trying to catch them all!

Monday 18th September

Very busy day of activities today. Some patches of rain but no one seemed to mind. Group one enjoyed canoeing on the lake, two and three showed off their archery skills and teamwork in the Low Ropes challenge whilst group five donned wetsuits, grabbed surf boards and had the most amazing time catching some waves.


A hearty lunch of chicken of veggie burgers was welcomed by all and children enjoyed giant cookies for pud. 

Everyone walked down to the beach to enjoy an afternoon of rock pooling. Jelly fish, crabs and anemones were some of the star finds. Most stayed dry!


Everyone is eating lots - chilli was enjoyed this evening. 

The evening activity was a lovely long walk so children, after cake went to bed tired but happy.

Some snapshots today featuring some of our stars. We will try to capture everyone to share at some point, but some are very good at avoiding the lens! Please see TWITTER for daily group photos.

Sunday 17th - We've arrived at Pendine after a rather wet trip to the zoo. The children loved spending the evening on the beach making sand sculptures. 

Year 6 Residential Trip -

Dates are confirmed for 17th September 2023 - 22nd September 2023




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