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Willow Bank Junior School


Welcome to Willow Bank Junior School.


Welcome to Willow Bank Junior School.  It is our privilege to teach the wonderful children who come to our school, and we aim to provide a rich learning experience which gives the children the opportunity to develop their strengths and skills in a wide range of ways.  We believe in the whole child, and that children's academic learning is enhanced not just by what goes on in the classroom, but also by the many other aspects which make up school life.


We want every child to feel proud of who they are, and the best way to promote this is to hold the children in high regard, to treat them with courtesy and respect.  We are very fortunate to be so well supported by our parents and wider school community, and we all work together to help the children become the very best they can be.


This website contains important information about the school, and we hope you will find it useful and easy to navigate.  However, web pages can only ever show part of the story which we are so proud to tell; as the old saying goes, nothing beats being there.  So, you are always welcome to come and visit the school if you would like to see how things described on this website are experienced by the children in their day-to-day life here at Willow Bank Junior School.