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Willow Bank Junior School


We aim to develop scientific knowledge and understanding through the studies of biology, chemistry and physics.  We develop skills to work scientifically by encouraging children to ask relevant scientific questions, make observations, look for patterns, classify and group, compare, research and by taking part in controlled investigations.  Children are encouraged to seek their own answers by collecting, analysing and presenting their data.


Whilst Science is timetabled as a discrete subject, many occasions arise to link with other subjects too.  In particular, science opportunities are reinforced through Maths (data handling and measuring) and Computing (data loggers and sensors, cameras and researching).


Science is taught across the lower (Years 3 and 4) and upper (Years 5 and 6) key stage on a two-yearly cycle.


Years 3 and 4 - Cycle 1

  • What goes in must come out!
  • Electricity
  • States of matter
  • Light


Years 3 and 4 - Cycle 2

  • Exploring the world of animals and plants
  • What would we do without plants?
  • Rocks, fossils and soils
  • Scintillating sound
  • Contact forces and forces that work at a distance


Years 5 and 6 - Cycle 1

  • Humans
  • Electricity
  • Changes that form new materials
  • Materials matter
  • Light


Years 5 and 6 - Cycle 2

  • Classification
  • Life cycles
  • Humans, inheritance and evolution
  • Life, the universe and everything
  • Feel the force