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Willow Bank Junior School

Governor Vacancies

There is a vacancy for a Parent Governor on the Governing Body of Willow Bank Junior School.  Parents (or guardians with parental responsibility) of children currently attending the school, who wish to stand for election as a Parent Governor, are invited to put their names forward.


A person is disqualified from election or appointment as a Parent Governor if they are an elected member of the local authority (a Councillor) or if they work at the school for more than 500 hours in a consecutive period of 12 months (at the time of their appointment).  Please also see the general criteria for disqualification which is attached to the nomination form.


If you are eligible and wish to stand for election as a Parent Governor you should:


  1. Complete a nomination form (see below for a copy to download or collect a paper copy from the school office).
  2. Have your nomination supported by a proposer and seconder, both of whom are parents of children also attending the school.  You may nominate yourself.
  3. You may include a brief personal statement for circulation to voters, should a ballot be required.
  4. Return the form to the school office, clearly marked FAO the Returning Officer, by Friday 25th June at 4:00pm.


If the number of nominations received does not exceed one, the nominated person will be appointed without a ballot.  If there is more than one nomination, an electronic secret ballot will be held using ParentMail Forms.  If a parent prefers to have a voting paper, they must notify the school office before Monday 28th June.  Voting papers cannot be issued after this time.


Election Timetable


The following timetable will apply, including points 3 to 5 if it is necessary to hold a ballot:


  1.  Friday 18th June  -  nomination forms sent out via ParentMail
  2.  Friday 25th June at 4:00pm  -  closing date for nominations
  3.  Monday 28th June - electronic ballot sent to parents along with notification of the candidates via ParentMail.  Paper copies sent to parents who have notified the school before this date.
  4.   Monday 5th July at 4:00pm  -  last day for submission of vote by electronic ballot or return of ballot papers
  5.   Monday 5th July at 4:00pm  -  ballot count