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Willow Bank Junior School

Governor Vacancies

We do not currently have any open vacancies but if you are interested in being a Parent Governor on the Governing Body of Willow Bank Junior School or would like more information, please contact the clerk at;


The role of Parent Governor

Anyone who is a Parent (or guardian with parental responsibility) of children currently attending the school can become a Parent Governor.


A person is disqualified from election or appointment as a Parent Governor if they are an elected member of the local authority (a Councillor) or if they work at the school for more than 500 hours in a consecutive period of 12 months (at the time of their appointment).


We know that parents are interested in the education of their children and share the school’s commitment to ensuring the best possible education and opportunities for our pupils.  One of the most significant ways to build on this is to volunteer to be a Parent Governor.  Parent Governors play an important role in ensuring that the parent viewpoint is represented in decision making.


The main role of the Governing Body is to provide the strategic direction for the school, to hold the headteacher to account and to ensure that the school budget is well spent.  There are two meetings of the full governing body per term covering two committees (Learning & Teaching and Resources), each one starting at 6:00pm and lasting approximately 1.5 hours.  There is an expectation that governors sit on one of the committees and attend occasional training provided by Wokingham Borough Council.


The skills you have could be very useful to our Governing Body (e.g. finance, human resources, IT, health and safety) but above all we look for enthusiasm and commitment to the school’s aims, policies and ethos.  A governor’s term of office is 4 years.