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Willow Bank Junior School

Attendance and Absence

Willow Bank Junior School seeks to ensure all its pupils receive a full-time education which maximises opportunities for each pupil to realise his/her true potential.  The school is proud of its consistently good attendance rates and strives to provide a welcoming, caring environment and make each member of the school community feel wanted and secure.

Authorised Absences

Absences will be authorised for:

  • sickness (medical evidence may be requested if there is a high level of absence)
  • medical or dental appointments  (whenever possible made outside school hours)
  • days of religious observance
  • exceptional family circumstances  (e.g. bereavement)


If your child is ill, contact the school office by 9:30am and give details of the illness and how long you expect your child to be away from school.  A child suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea should be kept away from school for at least 48 hours from the last bout of sickness.  


Other reasons for absence should be discussed with the school with prior notice whenever possible (e.g. an upcoming day of religious observance).


Unauthorised Absences

Absences will not be authorised for:

  • days out and shopping trips
  • birthdays or similar events
  • looking after family members (except in exceptional circumstances)
  • lie-in following a late night
  • family holidays (except in exceptional circumstances)


Requests for a leave of absence should be made to the Headteacher, using the school's form (see below).  The school aims to respond within 5 working days of receipt of the form.  Discussion with the Headteacher is welcome before a form is submitted.


All unauthorised absences in term time will be reviewed by the education welfare officer as part of our absence procedures and therefore could be subject to fixed penalty notices.