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Mrs Hanson's 'Big Question' Project

Mrs Hanson's Big Question Project

I would like to encourage everyone to complete this project over the course of the term or as part of your work for remote learning on Wednesday 1st February.


This term's question is an identity question and is linked to our Core Values.


Mrs Hanson’s ‘Big Question’ is:

Why is it important to celebrate the things that make us unique?



Your challenge is to create a piece of work to answer this question.

This work will be displayed around school. It could take the form of: a photo and caption, a poem, a poster, a model, an information text, a fact file, a piece of art or something even more imaginative and unique!


Some areas you might like to consider are:

  • How you are different from your friends/family
  • The different skills people have
  • Teamwork - examples of how different skills make a team successful
  • What life would be like if everyone were the same
  • How people’s different qualities have helped them to be successful
  • Our core values
  • Diversity
  • Beliefs/culture/customs
  • How everyone should be treated fairly - equity
  • Books or stories about being unique

I am very much looking forward to seeing your wonderful work!