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Willow Bank Junior School

SATs Results and Progress Data - 2019



The attainment scores for Willow Bank Junior School in 2019 are shown in the table below, along with the national averages for all schools in England.

% children achieving: School National
Reading - expected level or above 77 73
Reading - high score 27 27
GPS* - expected level or above 85 78
GPS* - high score 50 36
Writing - expected level or above 88 78
Writing - high score 18 20
Maths - expected level or above 88 79
Maths - high score 22 27
Reading/Writing/Maths combined - expected level or above 77 65
Reading/Writing/Maths combined - high score 7 10

* Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling


Reading - average scaled score:  104  (national average 104)

Maths    - average scaled score:  106  (national average 105)

GPS       - average scaled score:  108  (national average 106)




Because of the recent change of curriculum, it is not possible to make a direct comparison between a child's Key Stage 1 score (on the old levels) and their Key Stage 2 score (on the new scaled system).  The Department for Education has devised a way of converting the scores on to the same scale, and then measured each child's progress in comparison with children nationally who achieved at a similar level at Key Stage 1.  So, a child who made progress in line with the average for children of similar prior attainment would be awarded a progress score of 0.  Otherwise a child will be awarded a minus or a plus score to indicate whether they achieved progress below or above the average, where the majority of children will fall within the range -5.0 to +5.0.  These scores are then aggregated to give an overall average score for the school.  Of course, within this average, there will be a wide range of different scores for individual children.  The average progress scores for Willow Bank Junior School in 2019 are shown in the table below:


Reading -2.7
Writing -1.2
Maths -1.7