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Willow Bank Junior School

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It is part of the human condition to make mistakes, and these are often the times when we learn best. We encourage the children to be unafraid of acknowledging and learning from their mistakes, not least by being ready to do so ourselves.




The children have many opportunities to develop their musical knowledge and musical skills. They hear music from a range of genres, and sing and play a variety of instruments. Adults in the school demonstrate their own love of music.


Everybody goes through vulnerable times in their lives. We know our children extremely well, and we are able to nurture and support them when they go through difficult times, working closely with parents to find the best way to do this.

Office staff

Our office staff are brilliant. They are organised and efficient but, most importantly, they are friendly and welcoming. They know the children well, and they also develop excellent connections with parents and other visitors to the school.


We are blessed with a thriving orchestra, which can feature as many as 50 children, playing a range of instruments, across all year groups in the school. The orchestra rehearses every week, and plays in concerts four times during the course of the year.


Our parents are amazingly supportive. We all understand that the children will achieve best if we all work together, and the willingness of our parents to engage in the life of the school is hugely beneficial to the children’s learning and well-being.


Being able and willing to solve problems is key to academic development. We don’t want children to play safe; rather, we want them to push the boundaries of their own learning, and to be excited when they don’t initially understand what to do.


We pride ourselves on how well we know our children, and how strong relationships are across the whole school. This means that we can tailor learning for children individually, and also model how to form constructive, creative relationships.

School Association

Parents are very active in supporting the school, and the School Association does brilliant work in raising money for enriching the school environment.  Our table tennis tables are among the many resources which the School Association has funded.




Sport is highly valued at this school, and children are given the opportunity to develop specific skills in a range of activities. We also aim to give as many children as possible the opportunity to represent the school in sporting activities.


We have an experienced, motivated and friendly group of teachers, who want to support the development of all children in the school. The teachers are always willing to go above and beyond for the benefit of children.

Teaching assistants

We also have a skilful, caring team of teaching assistants, who provide support to children in the classroom, in small groups and on an individual basis. As with the teachers, the building of individual relationships is a key element of this support.


Visitors are always welcome in the school, and we confidently believe that those who visit will get a sense of how happy and motivated the children are. We regularly receive positive feedback, and visitors usually ask if they can come back again!


Our Year 5 children go on an activity week in South Wales, where they grow in confidence and self-belief whilst having the time of their lives. Working together as a team, they build memories which they will carry throughout their lives.

Whole child

We believe in developing the whole child. We are proud to help the children become confident, successful learners who have a sophisticated understanding of how to balance their own needs and ambitions with those of everyone else around them.